Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

EFI-X™ Dongle Autopsy [Update]

As promised here are some new infos and highres photos of the EFI-X™ dongle. If you ever wondered what's inside the EFI-X™, here you will find some answers.

I could find out which microcontroller is used for the EFI-X™. It was not that difficult. Searching for a microcontroller:
  1. with a 64-Pin TQFP package
  2. and USB support
  3. an oscillator connected to pins 5 & 6
  4. USB D-/D+ connected to pins 44 & 45
... gaves me very quickly a Cortex™ M3 from STMicroelectronics. A test with a spectrum analyser ruled out, that the microcontroller runs very likely at 72Mhz. Got a peak at 8Mhz (the resonator frequency), a small peak at 36Mhz, a strong peak at 72Mhz and another small peak at 108Mhz (72+36). So the microcontroller must be a STM32F103Rx. To figure out the exact model one must connect a JTAG debugger. The pads to do so are there. The EFI-X™ V1.0 has no ESD Protection for the USB data lines D+/D- and a simple 3.3V DC/DC converter.

The closed EFI-X™ Dongle:
EFiX autospy, disassemble, open, dongle

EFI-X™ PCB Frontside still sealed:
EFI-X autospy, disassemble, open, sealed frontside

EFI-X™ PCB Backside still sealed:
EFiX autospy, disassemble, open, sealed backside

EFI-X™ opening the case:
EFI-X autospy, disassemble, open, backside

EFI-X™ case opened and PCB:
EFiX autospy, disassemble, open, PCB

EFI-X™ clean PCB with some explanations:
EFI-X autospy, disassemble, open, PCB

More info in the old post here.

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