Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

2.) This is my Alternative

Here it is... it works like the original one. Until now found no issues so far.
  • Vanilla / Native OS X support (e.g. untouched Mac OS X System partion).
  • Full resolution, dual monitor, QE/QI support nVidia graphics
  • Fully working onboard ethernet with Bonjour and full GBit-Speed (80-90 MBytes/sec)
  • Onboard Sound is disabled because I own a USB-soundsystem from Teufel
  • Apple Software Update (tested with offline 10.5.7 Comboupdate)
  • working sleep/wakeup/restart/shutdown

Almost all the software on this stick is open-source. Especially the Ethernet driver. I'm a software engineer. If I will encounter an issue again I can fix it by myself and I do not depend any longer on the non existing support by anyone.

I will replace the Kingston USB-Stick by a smaller one with more speed. Like this one from DeLOCK or an internal solution.

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