Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

7.) [10.5] Preparations

First of all you need a working installation of Mac OS X 10.5.7.

For the first steps do not use your working installation from your EFI-Mac. Something could go wrong and you could loose all your data.

Make a clean and fresh installation from scratch on a separate hardisk. I made it this way. You can also try a new installation a timemachine backup (Mac OS X DVD Installer -> Menu).

Download the following stuff:
Find a USB-Stick. 128MB should be enough. Mine has 512MB. It's a Kingston DataTraveler.


  1. Is there a way to install OS X _without_ any preexisting installation from a retail DVD with chameleon? I've checked their homepage but couldn't find any specific information regarding that topic. Or do I have to "compile" my own boot DVD from a reatil DVD of OS X with the help of chameleon? Thanks for any hint!

  2. hi,

    it semmes there is a more actual version available on the chameleon site. your direct link points to the RC. the current version downloadable is marked only with a R. Release i guess...

    greets mongole

  3. Hi,

    thanks for the hint. Release (candidate) 431 is still the newest. I will delete the "c" so that the name is equal to that on the original site.

  4. First off, a big THANK YOU for an excellent tutorial. Despite no experience with Macs, I was able to build the EXi-X without a problem, and bring up Chameleon with it.

    I have the same question as the first poster. Is there any way to use the EXi-X USB key to allow a fresh, retail DVD installation on the target machine? I was hoping Chameleon would show my DVD drive, with Mac OS X DVD, as a boot option, but it doesn't. Any workarounds for this?


  5. First off, a big THANK YOU for a great tutorial. Despite no previous Mac experience, I was able to easily create an Exi-X using a borrowed MacBook, and bring up the Chameleon boot loader on my PC.

    I have the same question as Doc Coop above - is there any way to use this to load Mac OS X onto a PC that hasn't previously had Mac OS on it? I was hoping that Chameleon would give me the option to boot to my DVD drive containing a retail Mac OS X DVD, but it doesn't. Are there any workarounds to allow this?