Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009

17.) System Management BIOS

My Chameleon-EFI Mac already works perfectly for me, but there are still some cosmetic issues, like the Serialnumber or the information about the installed memory. This can be adjusted with a file called smbios.plist in the Extra folder of the Chameleon USB-stick. The values in this property-list defines the hardware on which Mac OS X is running. You will find more information about the SMBIOS in Wikipedia here. Mine smbios.plist looks like this:

The values "SMexternalclock" and "SMmaximalclock" will be set by Chameleon automatically with the real values. As I know these values are the only important ones, but thanks to Chameleon you don't have to care about it. I selected a Mac Pro for the values in smbios.plist because this Mac is very close to my PC.

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