Dienstag, 6. Oktober 2009

6.) [10.6] Prepare the Chameleon USB-Stick

Put your USB-Stick in any MAC you have and start Disk Util (Application -> Utilities -> Disk Utility).
  1. Start Disk Utility
  2. Select the USB-Stick itself as show in the photo (do not select a partition on the stick).
  3. Select Partition
  4. Under Volume Scheme select 1 Partition
  5. Click "Options" and in the Options sheet select "GUID Partition Scheme"
  6. Choose a Name without spaces (I used Chameleon)
  7. Choose Format "Mac OS Extended" (this allows you do modify the stick under Linux)
  8. Click "Apply"
  9. DONE (it should look like in the foto)

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