Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

Unknown CPU / About this Mac [Update]

A reader of my Blog pointed my to the Digital DJ Blog. He has found a way to fix the "Unknown CPU" problem. Editing the file "/System/Library/CoreServices/Resources/English.lproj/AppleSystemInfo.string" is only cosmetic. For the OS the CPU is still "Unkown". His solution is a kernel extension, which injects a "cpu-type" property into the IORegistry. Read the blog for more info about this topic.

Currently known CPU types of OS X:
  1. Intel Xeon Quad: 1281 - 0x501 - 0x0105 (little endian) - AQU= (Base64)
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo: 769 - 0x301 - 0x0103 (little endian) - AQM= (Base64)
  3. Intel Core Solo: 257 - 0x101 - 0x0101 (little endian) - AQE= (Base64)
For the time being I'll integrate the CPUInjector.kext from Digital DJ. I've already updated the kernel extensions and support files package in the post "2.) [10.6] What do you need"

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